How do you give yourself a piercing?


You can give yourself a piercing using a needle and a piercing ring to place in the hole. You should use caution when attempting to pierce yourself in case complications arise. If you are bleeding profusely, you should seek medical attention.
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That really depends on what piercing it is. Procedures vary, but they should all include proper jewelry, proper technique, sterilized equipment, and a willing participant. I peirced
Preparing for the Procedure Conduct research on the piercing itself including complications and how to avoid them and what to do in the event any complications occur and ways to determine
I've only got my ears pierced once (im 14 btw) and just had to stab them back in and it really hurt! I've decided I would like another ear piercing, maybe another 2 and my
Not only would it hurt really bad, it would be ludacris, you could easily
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