Giving Human Characteristics to Non Human Things?


When a person gives non-living things and inanimate objects human characteristics, it is referred to as personification. For example, an individual may refer to their hair straightener as being a brat because it is not functioning properly. In this case, the individual would be personifying their hair straightener.
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personify, personification
1. Choose an object that you want to describe to a reader. You could choose something from nature, a household appliance, or even an animal. 2. Brainstorm human qualities that you
Synonyms=humanize, personify, make human, give a human face to, sentimentalize, bring alive
Personification is the act of attributing human
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The term for giving an inanimate object human-like characteristics is known as personification. A talking dog in a movie or a sad automobile in a cartoon, these ...
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