Giving Yourself a Wedgie?


A wedgie is commonly associated with school yard pranks, where the waistband of your underwear is pulled as hard and as high as possible, causing the underwear to be wedged between your bottom cheeks. Giving yourself a wedgie can be achieved by reaching behind yourself and pulling on your briefs or pants upwards. You can always purchase a thong, where you will experience the benefit of a permanent wedgie.
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To give yourself a wedgie you can get a piece of stong rope and slide it through the bottem of your underwear legholes and pull through and tie at the top. then tie to a strong hook
1. Sneak up behind your prey. Surprise is a must when giving a wedgie. You can even get your friends to talk to the recipient for a moment to distract them. 2. Reach for their underwear
A dangling wedgie is defined as a hanging wedgie where you can still feel
Run up to a football team and call them all girls.
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