Glacier Bay Faucet Repair?


It depends on what is wrong with your Glacier Bay faucet as to how you can go about fixing it. For example, you may simply need to change the cartridge. Alternatively, you may need to oil the mechanisms.
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1. Turn off the water line to the faucet. 2. Pull out the cap on the lever of the faucet handle with your fingers and loosen the screw under it with the Allen wrench. Slide the handle
Hi - To be honest, the cost of your faucet and my experience with those faucets; it would be better to just buy a new one like a price pfister ; american standard or Delta. You'll
Theres not much you can do to repair the stem except replacing the small O-ring up inside. You can call Glacier Bay and ask for a new stem ( the faucet has a limited lifetime warranty
My five-year old sink faucet box had a useful phone number on it: 866-863-9931. I called Monday about a leaking valve. They sent me free replacements that arrived two days later.
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How to Repair a Glacier Bay Faucet
Glacier Bay faucets may start leaking due to worn parts inside the cartridge. This cartridge is the main water control valve in the unit and, if the seals split or crack, not only will it leak, but water temperature and flow rates are often affected.... More »
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