GM Friends and Family Discount?


To get the GM friends and family discount, you need to access and get on on 'Price your Vehicle' to spot the current models and the pricing. Login into the website and select 'New Vehicle Purchase' and click on Enter. You should then take the authorization number to your family member's dealership to get the discount.
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To use the GM family and friends discounts, you need a GM employee to sponsor you and provide you with an authorization number. The employee needs your date of birth and zip code
Take a look at the Family First website.…
"MMR" is the Marriott's friends and family code. Enjoy your
GM offers discounts to both family members and friends of employees on their vast selection of vehicles. The employee discount is available to six members of the employee's family
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How to Get the GM Friends and Family Discount
Not only do General Motors employees get a discount on GM vehicles, friends and family of the employee can also take advantage of one of two savings programs. Family members of a GM employee get access to the same savings a GM employee receives. The GM... More »
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