What are the goals of psychology?


The four goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict, and influence or control mental processes and behavior. Psychology is the social science of the human mind and how the mind interacts with its environment. It is based off its findings from critical thinking and scientific research.
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The four goals of psychology is to identify behavior. describe behavior, predict behavior in certain circumstances, and control behavior if it found detrimental to a specific group
Description By describing behavior, psychologists attempt to understand what is normal and acceptable and what is unhealthy. Behavior observed includes thoughts, feelings, attitudes
To describe, explain, predict, and control behaviour and mental processes. Describe. : tell what occurred. Explain. : tells the why. Predict. : under what conditions is the behaviour
The goal of a psychological assessment is to find simple strategies to
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What Are the Four Goals of Psychology?
Psychology, or the science of behavior and the mind, is part of the social science curriculum in many universities. Other institutions teach psychology in the college of education, natural sciences or humanities, according to the American Psychological... More »
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There are four goals of psychology. The first is to describe behavior. The second goal is to predict the behavior and the third is find a way to control the behavior ...
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