What are the goals of psychology?


The four goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict, and influence or control mental processes and behavior. Psychology is the social science of the human mind and how the mind interacts with its environment. It is based off its findings from critical thinking and scientific research.
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The first major goal or objective of psychology is to describe mental processes and behavior. This fact-finding step normally comes first whenever researchers step into a new area
The goal of psychology is to understand why people act the way they do. We must know the events in the invironment that have caused that behaviour; describe as to how they differ
The goal of a psychological assessment is to find simple strategies to
I would say that there are psychological breakpoints in retail pricing based on the average human perception in the correlation between price and quality. The higher the price, the
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What Are the Four Goals of Psychology?
Psychology, or the science of behavior and the mind, is part of the social science curriculum in many universities. Other institutions teach psychology in the college of education, natural sciences or humanities, according to the American Psychological... More »
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