What is proper godparent etiquette?


Etiquette is rule of acceptable behaviour, which Godparents are expected to have towards their children. Godparent should be ready to correct their and teach their children to be discipline.
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You can ask who you like, normally family are first choice but there is no norm really.
Debbie: Please excuse my tardiness in replying to your question. Godparents, or Baptismal Sponsors, are folks that commit themselves to being in relationship with the person baptized
As far as I know and have experienced, Godparents don't get gifts, and I have NEVER seen favors. Just a nice luncheon after the baptism takes place. The question really is, why are
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Godparent Gift Etiquette
Etiquette dictates certain societal rules meant to govern appropriate behavior. These can run the gamut from table settings to thank-you notes. In fact, there is even specific etiquette for gift-giving to and from godparents.... More »
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