How should you word an invitation for a going away party?


The wording of a going away party invitation should be simple. It should include the important details about the going away party. It should include the date of the party, the time of the party, the theme of the party, any dress code, and the address of the party. The invitation should also state who is being honored at this party and the reason why he or she is going away or departing. This could include a person who is going away on vacation or a person who is moving away from a neighborhood.
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1. Begin the invitation with the honoree's name and the reason for the party. For example, write, "Harold leaves on his African safari next week" or "Shari is moving
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How to Word Going-Away Party Invitations
If you have a friend who is finally going on a long-planned trip or one who is moving to a new city for a challenging new career, throw him a going-away party. It doesn't matter if the reason for the party is bittersweet or joyous; these parties mark a... More »
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