Goku's Mother?


They have never reveled who Gokus mother is They never seemed to answer that in the Dragon Ball Z series. They know who his father his but his mother still remains a mystery.
Q&A Related to "Goku's Mother?"
Goku's mother is never mentioned within DBZ. There is just mention of his father, Bardock, and his brother, Raditz.
Goku's mother is a low level ranked Saiyan named Tanipuu[food pun- turnip] Tanipuu was
Goku's mother was never revealed in the Dragon Ball series, but his father was the Saiyan Bardock.
Ok, first of all you are forgeting something, you are forgeting who Goku and Vegeta's parents are, the are Saiyan warriors not perfect fathers. Their race only leaves to Come, See
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