Gold Bond Stamps?


Gold Bond Stamps were a type of trading stamps. They were dispensed by various merchants when they purchased items at their stores. These stamps were also called Green Stamps, Plaid Stamps, and Texas Gold Stamps. Customers could collect these stamps. The customers could then redeemed the stamps through catalogs or various redeeming centers. These stamps were extremely popular through the years 1930's to the 1960's. However, some merchants still used these types of trading stamps into the 1980's.
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1. Organize your Gold Bond Stamps into Gold Bond booklets if they're loose. 2. Call the Gold Bond Stamp mail order department at 1-800-625-1331 to make sure the stamps are still being
The value on the front of the book says $4.50 in merchandise, is this still correct?
The Gold Bond Stamps are redeemable for merchandise For more information on
You may be able to sell them for $5 (all together) on eBay or a similar site. The gold is a layer an atom or two thick on aluminum. There is little extra value to these replicas and
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