Golden Corral Menu Prices?


The prices of items on the Golden Corral menu can vary my location as well as 'participating stores'. These prices also vary by the time of day. For regular lunch and dinner the prices are: $7.99 for adults and $6.99 for seniors Monday through Friday for lunch--which runs from 11AM to 4PM--and $9.99 for adults and $8.99 for seniors for dinner--which is 4PM to 9PM. The prices are the same for the weekend. For children under 3 years the price is free, ages 4 to 8 is $4.19, and ages 8 to 12 is $5.19.
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Golden Corral has: Asian Pork Roast, Awesome Pot Roast, Barbecue Chicken, Barbeque
kids 3 and under eat free and 12yrs eat for 5.49.
If you go to their website, you can get the phone number to the closest one to you and a quick call will get you an exact price.
I understand they're warrin' about the buffet price. But seriously, < ch.asp> has no idea. . danielpauldavis. 34 months ago.
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Golden Corral is an American family-style restaurant chain that features a large buffet and grill offering numerous hot and cold items, a carving station and their Brass Bell Bakery More>>
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The Golden Corral menu will vary by day and location. The buffet is mostly the same, but certain days there are steak, seafood, or burgers. A full menu of items ...
Golden Corral is a chain buffet restaurants. They are known for having an extensive buffet at a low price. The current price for the Golden Corral buffet is around ...
As of publication date, Golden Corral's Lunch buffet prices are $7.99 for adults and $6.99 for senior citizens. The dinner buffet menu is $9.99 for adults and ...
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