Goldfish Laying on Bottom of Tank?


A goldfish might be resting at the bottom of an aquarium tank due to fish rot disease or dropsy. Fish rot is treatable though dropsy which is caused by a bacterial infection is not.
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Goldfish have central mouths. They are not bottom feeders or top dwellers. This means they should stay at the center of the tank. It also may mean that your fish are sick, or they
1. Keep your goldfish tank decorations simple for ease of maintenance. Goldfish need plenty of room to swim around safely so do not fill the tank with too much decoration. 2. Limit
There are many problems that would cause your goldfish to sit on
I have 4 goldfish (various types) and three have just started hang out at the bottom of the tank. It's only been about a day. They're not new, the tanks not new, nor is the
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