Gomorrah Party?


A Gomorrah party is one that depicts scenes from the Gomorrah city. The city is often used as a metaphor for homosexuality and vice that are viewed as deviation. Gomorrah parties may contain orgies or other sexual acts that are not considered to be normal by many people. They can be attended by those who enjoy the same types of vice without being subjected to ridicule or judgment by those who do not agree with their vice. Sodomy is one of the types of things that may take place at a Gomorrah party.
Q&A Related to "Gomorrah Party?"
A party where guys IFIUCIK.
It is a party that basically has all types of sinful and questionable things
My guess is that is a orgy or at least a rather decadent party where anything goes! Kinna like the 70s!
what is gomorrah anyway, i know what sodomy is. but you never hear anyone say "Arrrgh! I've been Gomorrahed !!"
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