Good Advice for the Bride to Be?


The best time to offer good advice for the bride to be is at the bridal shower. Experienced wives can offer their advice on an advice card at the shower, or on their greeting card with a gift. Examples of good advice include reminding the bride to ignore outside opinions regarding wedding planning, remembering to communicate with her groom before and during the marriage, and do not forget to express thanks to those that help with wedding plans.
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Here's a quote for the bride. "May she share everything with
December? Pick a date ASAP and hurry up with your planning! I began planning my wedding 13 or 14 months before the date, and I was still scrambling to find an available location.
Depends on what time of day your wedding is. Friday and Saturday evening weddings are always more formal, so you would more than likely get your gown and makeup to be along the lines
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