Good Dares for a Party?


It can be hard to come up with good dares for a party spontaneously. Some examples of funny and harmless dares include running around the neighborhood in a bathroom, getting someone to kiss you, carrying a person around the room, putting a funny object on eBay, making a song up about someone, kissing the next person to enter the room, wearing diapers, imitating two animals at the same time, speaking in a foreign accent, and more. Remember to always make sure that the dares do not put anyone in danger.
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Make a guest list of 20-25 party guests. Send out invitations two weeks before the Dare Party. In the invitations, let each party guest know that it is a DARE theme party and that
1 have sex with 2 people of the same sex 2 give a blowjob to the person on ur right 3 put yogurt on a guys dick and tell the girls to lick it off 4 put whuipp cream on a girls body
A good dare is to have a person dress as the opposite sex. Make sure you take lots of
Streaking. Buying condoms. Hitting on someone ugly. Striptease. Kiss someone. Kiss someone's *
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