What is a good hairstyle for someone with a big nose?


People with big noses will often feel self-conscious. However, there are some simple hair styles that can camouflage this. They include keeping your hair back from your face, possibly by using clasps, getting big hair, as well as having a high-ponytail that will give your hair both height and width. This will make the nose look smaller in comparison to the hair
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Women with big noses can bring the attention away from the nose
Things You'll Need. Flower (for a woman). Deck of cards or tobacco (for a man). Skin tone eyeshadow or blush. Small make up brush. How to Take a Good Picture With a Big Nose. Observe
Hairstyles That Disguise a Big Nose. By Steven Wilkens, eHow Contributor. Your hairstylist can help you come up with a look that disguises a big nose. A good hairstyle can bring out
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