What is a good hairstyle for someone with a big nose?


People with big noses will often feel self-conscious. However, there are some simple hair styles that can camouflage this. They include keeping your hair back from your face, possibly by using clasps, getting big hair, as well as having a high-ponytail that will give your hair both height and width. This will make the nose look smaller in comparison to the hair
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Women with big noses can bring the attention away from the nose
1. Observe the nose you are working with and determine the flaws. Ask the person you are taking the shots of what specifically bothers them about their nose, ex: too narrow, too wide
Keep your hair down and wavy or curled so you don't highlight your nose. Also use lipstick and mascara + eyeshadow/eyeliner to highlight your eyes and lips. And make sure to wear
i would go with "youve got a small d***" but thats just me xD How about "You've got a big mouth"
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