Good Names for Restaurants?


A good name for a restaurant should be easy to pronounce, easy to read, and memorable. Too many restaurants have foreign names that are constantly being mispronounced. Some of the most successful restaurants have simple names like Applebee's, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Mongolian BBQ, Buffalo Wild Wings, Logan's Roadhouse Outback Steakhouse, Ike's Restaurant, Angelo's, Sterling Restaurant, Subway, and Famous Dave's BBQ. Restaurant names that are too complicated inhibit a customer's ability to spread the word about the delicious food.
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1. Think about your clientele and about who will patronize the restaurant. Nothing will help you come up with a great upscale name better than actually putting yourself in the minds
1. Get inspired. Most, if not all restaurants, got their names because something inspired their owners. Whether it be your name, or a hobby that you do, try to reflect on these and
Beau Thai in Solihull, England. You decide if best or worst. Makes me smile. Embed Quote
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