Good Pranks to Pull on Your Dad?


There are many good pranks to pull on your Dad that are fun and simple. If your Dad loves to play games, it is a good idea to get fake scratch-offs or a fake lottery ticket and pretend that he won the jackpot. Another good prank is to put Vaseline or some lotion on door handles, bottles and anything else with a cap that has to be screwed off since it will make it impossible to do.
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yOu can - put herpes on his tooth brush and say "HAHA YOU HAVE HERPES" - ejaculate in all of his socks - hide garbage in his room - replace contact solution with vinegar
Get a few gummy worms and carefully poke them into fresh fruit. Giv...
When I was 13, we had just learned about sex ed and my dad was making jokes about it. So,one day, I took my mom's BirthControl pills and his condoms out and said "Dad, I have
1. Do the set table trick. In which you set the table, make a cup of tea, drink half of it really quickly and then quietly pull out a chair and tip toe back up the stairs. 2. Hide
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