Good Questions to Ask a CEO?


If your company has just hired a new CEO, you will want to ask questions. This is in order to make sure they are the right fit. Some good questions to ask a new CEO would be about his goals, his expectations for the company, his experience, and his management style.
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Share your vision of what the company will look like in 5 years and what changes are needed to make that happen.
If I could only ask 5 questions, these would be the 5: 1. What problem are you solving 2. How big is the market 3. What have you done so far to show that you're making progress against
Some questions you could ask a CEO are:How do you manage conflict? and What is
"What are the company strategies for the next five years? I do not know what your company is, but with so many businesses tanking, you want to know where this business is heading
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