Good Speech Topics for Grade 7?


Good speech topics for grade 7 would be about something that you are familiar with. You could give a speech about an activity that you like such as the history of baseball or soccer. You could also give a speech about a video game you like to play or a speech about your favorite vacation. If you have a favorite pet, you could research their breed and give a speech about that subject.
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Random things people have done, how to cook a frozen dinner for dummies, why you want to be president. Hope I helped : :
Here are four topics – choose the one you like the most. Persuasive Topic – Stop the war on drugs. You can get any drug you want, so what’s the point of the war?
1. Choose a compelling topic, although in some cases a topic may be mandated by the teacher. Focus on topics that interest and excite you, as this energy and enthusiasm will make
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