Good Things Hitler Did for Germany?


While Hitler is most known for the Holocaust and his role in WWII, he indeed helped Germany in several ways.

Most importantly, he helped to rebuild the country's economy, which was completely floundering after WWII. He also commissioned the Autobahn (which inspired US interstate highways), strengthened the military, and more. His achievements were so remarkable he was chosen as Time Magazines Man of the Year in 1938.
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Adolf Hitler took power as the Chancellor of Germany from January 30, 1933 until April 1945 and as the Fuhrer of Germany from August 2, 1934 until April 30, 1945.
After the Treaty of Versailles( Which ended WWI) Germany had many problems. First and formost their economy was in VERY bad condition. They were desperate for someone. Hitler was
Hitler reduced unemployment by creating the autobahns and he re-int...
He got a stalled economy moving by applying the methods otherwise
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Hitler changed Germany by ensuring Germany stopped paying war debts for WWI which was dragging Germany's economy. He also expanded Germany's military forces and ...
Hitler was not elected to the position of Chancellor in Germany. He was chosen by Von Hindenburg because he had more popular support than the current Chancellor, ...
Adolph Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. The reasons as to how he came into power are attributed to him being a good orator which enabled him to ...
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