How do you troubleshoot a Goodman home furnace?


Goodman furnaces are furnaces manufactured by Goodman Global Group and is found in many homes and establishments. Troubleshooting of the furnaces can be done by checking with the owners instruction manual that comes with all units or by contacting a service technician. Websites dedicated to home improvement may also have troubleshooting information.
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1. Ensure the thermostat is set to "Heat" and is set to a temperature at least 3 degrees above room temperature if the furnace does not turn on as expected. The power switch
The hot surface ignitor is located either on the left of right side of the outside burners; in the gas stream. It has a 2 cable wire with white brading covering the wire for protection
These parts sound very technical but are really nothing to be feared. thermocouple is used in an older standing pilot furnace and a flame sensor is used in an electronic ignition
1. Verify electric power to the furnace. If the furnace will not go into cooling, heating, or continuous fan mode, check to see if one or both of the LED lights on the front of the
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Goodman furnace troubleshooting can vary depending on what is wrong with your furnace. There are some common problems that are easy to troubleshoot including the inducer. Check for rust and dirt in the furnace. Check filters to see if they are plugged.
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