How do you wire a Goodman heat pump?


You can wire a goodman heat pump by putting off all power sources to the heat pump and locking out the electric. Insert the high voltage wire through the electrical knockout. Cut the wires into 8 inches and remove the covering by a half inch. Identify high voltage wires and ground wires. Identify ground lug on unit. Look out for the contactor in the high voltage section. Repeat terminal L1 process for both Terminals L2 and L3. Insert a low voltage wire. Strip off the jacket of the wire to expose the seven conductors. Identify the wires and terminals and locate the heat pump low voltage terminal board. Loosen terminal R by turning it clockwise. Make sure there are no conductors touching other terminals.
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Things You'll Need. Wire cutters. Wire strippers. Screwdrivers. Voltage meter/tester. Instructions. Turn off all power sources to the heat pump and properly lock out electric. Check
On the inside of the electrical control panel cover. Answer: Another possibility is in the link below: Other information
Look at the amperage rating on the unit. A 30 amp circuit requires a MINIMUM of #10 wire. #12 is for a 20 amp or less circuit. If the unit requires 240V 30A, you will run either 10-
Heat pump reversing valve wires are usually orange or
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