Goofy's Wife Penny?


A little known fact is that the Disney character Goofy did have a wife. Her name was Penelope 'Penny' Pooch. Both she and Goofy were dogs, and they had a son named Max.
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Penny is Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck's best friend. She's a
it is unknown how really is the wife of goofy and the mom of max. glory-bee and penny are beleaved to be his wife because they both met goofy in the time period of max's birth. Glory-Bee's_Wife's_N...
Goofy's wife has appeared in some of his earlier cartoons although her face was never seen or her name mentioned.
A team of friends and fans are all wandering if anyone know. It made us ponder when that series "Goof Troop" came around. Goofy had a son called "Max" but
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