How Many People Use Google or Yahoo Groups?


While there is no exact number of people who use Google or Yahoo Groups, the number is in the hundreds of thousands. Both services are popular around the world.
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I've used Google Groups on 4 to 5 occassions, and while I think the tool could use SEVERAL improvements, it works well for virtual groups to file documents, share meeting minutes,
1. Go to the Google Groups home page. Sign in if you already have a membership. If not, go to Step 2 to join. 2. Select the link for "Create an Account Now, which is on the right
1 Visit any of the "Google Support" websites provided to you in the Sources section of this article. Ad 2 Click on the "Groups" link located near the top-left
A group may be created by choosing the Create Group button. A group administrator may then name the group, add an email address for the group, a description, the type of group, and
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