Gorham Silver Marks?


Gorham silver was founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1831 by Jabez Gorham and Henry L. Webster. The original wares produced by the company included silver spoons with year marking to identify year of manufacture. The Gorham silver marks year marking was discontinued in 1933 and then started again in 1941 on the mid-priced to high-priced silver. The Gorham silver marks began in 1868 with an 'A' mark and went in order by letter until 1885 when a character was introduced as a mark. When the silver marking began again in the 1940s, the markings were geometric shapes starting with a square. Each decade thereafter received a different geometric shape.
Q&A Related to "Gorham Silver Marks?"
1. Use a good magnifying glass to see small lettering, and give the piece a little polishing to brighten up the hallmark. It will be easier to read. The earliest hallmarks, in the
The EP on Gorham silver means "electro plating" It is not a sterling silver piece.
The Gorham silver plate is worth 15.00 per piece of silver.
The Carson City Mint opend in. 1869.
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