Lion Vs Gorilla?


It can be hard to guess who would win in a fight between a lion vs. a gorilla. It seems more likely that a lion would eat the gorilla. An average lion weighs 550 pounds and the average gorilla only weighs around 450 pounds, increasing the lions chances.
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well if it was a 1v1, den gorilla for all, but if its a pack versus a gorilla, the pack might win. but it is hard to tell, since these animals wont come in contact in the wild.
The lion because it can bring down a black bear, while a gorilla could not.
All 3 animals are strong the bear is thought to be one the strongest
Hey Max. These are all really close fights, which are the worst for me to do! 1. The only reason I'm not immediatly saying the lion would win is because that is monstrous gorilla.
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