What is Gotcha Mug Shots?


Gotcha Mug Shots is a website devoted to giving public visibility to criminals and unlawful citizens. It is a website that is built around giving transparency to communities by unmasking criminal perpetrators. The pictures and names displayed on the website come from public record available on government websites and reports. The website shows a snapshot of what is displayed and will not show if you have had charges dropped or anything else. You may pay a $99 fee to have the mug shot and arrest record removed from the website.
Q&A Related to "What is Gotcha Mug Shots?"
1. Find out the full name of the person whose mug shot you're seeking. 2. Visit the Mugshots.com website (see link in References) This website has the largest database of mugshots
1 Lighten up. If you are worried about the situation it will show in the picture. Ad 2 Make sure your hair isn't super scary. Run your fingers through it, pull it up, whatever...just
The definition of mugshot is a photograph centered on one person's face which is typically made for official purposes, for example one is required on personal photo ids such as a
n. Informal A photograph of a person's face, especially one made for police files.
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