Gothic Vs Romanesque Architecture?


Some of the similarities between the Romanesque and Gothic architecture is that they are both normally used as design during the medieval era. They are also both associated with church designs and both have characteristic arched openings. Though, Romanesque has a single point curve while Gothic has two-point curve.
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They both use arched openings - the Romanesque with the single point curve (traditional arch) and the gothic with a two-point curve (pointed arch). They both rely heavily on the column
Gothic architecture is a style of architecture which flourished
The change started to express a new theological view of the church. The Romanesque church should be seen as a fortress against a sinful world outside. The Gothic church is supposed
Hello Austin, There are various connections between both styles due to the fact that Gothic is an evolution of the Romanesque architecture. 1. Intersecting Vaults/ Cross Vaults. Romanesque
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Romanesque architecture is the oldest kind of architecture of the Middle Ages. It features very thick walls and windows that are narrow. Gothic architecture has ...
Gothic architecture was intended to make churches look like heaven. Romanesque architecture had large, internal spaces, barrel vaults, thick walls, and rounded ...
There are many similarities between Romanesque and Gothic Architecture. They were both popular in the Middle Ages, and each style operated on a grand scale, which ...
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