What are some government grants for single mothers?


Certified Parent Coach Jennifer Wolf on About.com shows that grants for single mothers, such as the Federal Pell Grant and the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, come at the federal, state and local level. Furthermore, these sources may award a grant based on need or based on merit as the Academic Competitiveness Grant for first- and second-year college students does.

State grants vary according to state and sometimes specifically limit themselves to single parents, such as the CalGrant program of California. Wolf explains that this program takes each applicant’s family status into consideration and gives the greatest aid to disadvantaged and low-income families, which may often include families headed by single mothers. She also states that Raise the Nation's Loan Repayment Grants for Single Mothers assists single mothers who have outstanding student loans.

Michelle Diane reports on several business grants for single mothers at the federal, state and local level, including the National Science Foundation that may award grants for a single mother's business if this business engages in software development. Diane also stresses the importance of looking to private foundations and organizations, such as the Juvenile Justice Fund in Atlanta that helps children attain basic necessities, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that funds educational projects in the Pacific Northwest.

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Depending on your income, employment, family, location, health/disability status, and a number of other factors, there are a lot of different government benefits available to help
1. Find a grant for single mothers by contacting the applicable federal, state or city government agency to keep apprised of available grants. Sites like Usa.gov provide a list of
Grant opportunities of all kinds are available online, as long as you make the effort to search for them. Two resources that list plenty of grants for single mothers are singlemom.com
1. Ensure your income level is within the eligibility requirements. Single mothers with low income can apply for government grants tailored to their needs. As long as you qualify
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Government School Grants for Single Mothers
Single mothers often have trouble going back to school because it is hard to balance school with a job that would allow them the extra time and money they need. With a little research, a single mother can find government grants to continue her education.... More »
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There are several types of grants for single mothers. One of them is college grant which is available through the federal government. Others are the Pell Grant ...
The specific grants that are available for single mothers depends on the type of grant needed. There are education grants that are available. Also, housing grants ...
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