Grades of Asphalt?


If what you meant by asphalt grades are the types of asphalt, then there are 4 different types of mixes. These are Hot mix asphalt concrete, warm mix asphalt concrete, cut-back asphalt concrete, and mastic asphalt. The HMAC is commonly used for busy road ways.
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Well, the traditional superpave grade is on the order of PG # this means, for example. A grade of asphalt, say, PG 70-40 is a mix where the 70 stands for the asphalt temp max over
Hi Michael, Functionally, both shingles are going to be about the same. You may have a preference for the look of one shingle over the other. They are pretty similar, but there
Voids, high permeability, low density or poorly consolidated, low strength, susceptability to freeze thaw, difficulty in placing. Do a better job blending, add more fine aggregates
The most common types of asphalt mixture are Class A, Class B, Class B Modified and Class G. Class A has the largest aggregate and the least amount of fines. It is intended for
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