Graduation Gift Etiquette?


If you receive a graduation announcement from someone you barely know, a card or a call of congratulations is appropriate. For graduates that are a member of your immediate family or are children of close friends, money is the top gift choice.
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do based on a birthday gift scenario. if your close enough with them to get them a b-day gift you should probably get them a little something for graduation. I think store bought
Shopping and Wrapping. It's proper etiquette to. attend the shower with a present unless you're instructed otherwise. A simple approach is to buy something off the gift registry;
Wedding gifts in India are pretty much like most other cultures. It majorly depends on how close you are to the couple/family. It also depends on the scale of the wedding. Gifts range
Dear Gail, This rule hold for any party or celebration for anyone at any time: A guest never has to pay for the privilege of being invited by giving a gift. Never ever. So,only
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Etiquette for Graduation Gifts
Graduation at all levels, whether it’s for middle school, high school or college, is a celebratory affair. Often, families honor the graduate by hosting a graduation party after the ceremony for family and friends. If you receive an invitation to a... More »
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