Graduation Gift Etiquette?


If you receive a graduation announcement from someone you barely know, a card or a call of congratulations is appropriate. For graduates that are a member of your immediate family or are children of close friends, money is the top gift choice.
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do based on a birthday gift scenario. if your close enough with them to get them a b-day gift you should probably get them a little something for graduation. I think store bought
1. An engagement gift is an acceptable gesture of kindness if you desire to give one. However, giving a gift is not required. Many times, a simple "Congratulations" card
Before "Pomp and Circumstance" starts playing, friends and family members have spent hours searching the mall for that perfect graduation gift. While parents, aunts, uncles
That's a great story from Anon User. There are a couple other considerations in my view: 1. Nobody should be giving any colleague a present that looks like it encumbers them with
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The amount you give may depend on a few factors but could be about £120. Give in accordance to his or her plan after graduation. If he is immediately ...
A cash gift of $50 is fine as a graduation gift. However, it will depend on if the person is a relative or a friend. Those who send cash as a gift usually send ...
The amount given as a high school graduation gift depends on what you are comfortable with your own budget. Some people feel a gift of money is not required. Others ...
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