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If you are planning a graduation party for a college graduate, then it is imperative that you include a graduation party program that outlines the evening's activities and spotlights the guest of honor and her accomplishments. The program should reflect the theme of the party. It is a good idea to personalize the graduation party program as much as possible. If the party is themed after the graduate's major, then you want to include that in the program. Make sure you also reference the year of graduation and the accomplishments that she has achieved.
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1. Decide how big you want the party to be and make a guest list. If you find the list is too long, start taking people off the list according to who is less important to celebrate
Graduations parties are exciting events for both the student and family! A list of guests, what type of food and who is going to provide should be at the top of your to do list. Also
1. First, discuss what type of graduation party you are going to plan with the members of the committee. Brainstorm ideas on a notebook that you are going to keep specially for this
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Graduation Parties
Someone you love is graduating? Create some pomp for this circumstance with a graduation party!
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