Gram Positive Cocci in Pairs?


Gram positive cocci in pairs can be interpreted to mean several different things. If the pairs are optochin sensitive, then it may be indicative of Streptococcus pneumoniae. If the pairs are alpha-hemolytic, then this is indicative of streptococcus or enterococcus. If the pairs are beta-hemolytic, then this is indicative of either group A strep (streptococcus pyogenes), group B strep (streptococcus agalactiae), or groups C, D, or G strep. If the pairs are anaerobic, then it could be indicative of peptostreptococcus or other things.
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please answer the question.
1. Collect a bacterial smear on a slide and observe it beneath a microscope. 2. Record the visual characteristics of the bacteria in the report; such as, the shape, size. color, texture
Streptococcus will be the result of a gram positive cocci in chains
Seraccia Marcesans (not sure on spelling) produces pink pigment.
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