How to Be Given Temporary Custody of Grandchild?


For grandparents wanting to have a temporary custody of grandchild, one must acquire a power of attorney signed. This can be done by first having to talk to the grandchild's parents. With the parents consent, a power of attorney can now be signed.
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1. Prepare a custody agreement. If your grandchild's parents wish to place the child in your custody, draw up an agreement that provides biographical information on each party to
If the parents are unfit or agree to you having them and the judge agrees to it. Grandparents have no automatic right to the grandchildren. If the parents are unfit and another relative
Call DCF, but you don't have much of a case if you can't prove it. Since the parents are obviously over 18, you can't have them drug tested against their will, BUT if the refuse to
Dad and Grandma need to consult a family lawyer. The biological parent has priority under the law, unless parental rights are terminated by a court. Given bio mom's track record,
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