What are some grants available to single mothers?


Federal Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants are both available to single mothers. Raise the Nation's Loan Repayment Grants are offered solely to single mothers to help them pay off student debt.

The Federal Pell Grant is awarded based on the applicant's financial needs and is intended to assist applicants with furthering their education and ultimately increasing their earning power. Although not solely for single mothers, a Pell Grant is ideal for anyone who needs money to go back to school. The FSEOG is similar to a Pell Grant, but it is offered by individual states according to need. Grants offered by Raise the Nation help single mothers repay outstanding student loans in exchange for various forms of community service.

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Grants for single mothers come from a variety of sources, including non-profits, schools and federal, state and local government agencies. Although you can call local government agencies
Grant opportunities of all kinds are available online, as long as you make the effort to search for them. Two resources that list plenty of grants for single mothers are singlemom.com
1 Ensure your income level is within the eligibility requirements. Single mothers with low income can apply for government grants tailored to their needs. As long as you qualify for
Depending on your income, employment, family, location, health/disability status, and a number of other factors, there are a lot of different government benefits available to help
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