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Diminishing return is the presentation of how production loses its efficiency when certain factors are added. For example, a company may produce automobiles at a rate of 100 per day with 100 workers, but adding 100 more workers may only increase production by 10 cars per day. Because the rest of the production process is not increased to match the number of employees, a percentage of the additional workers do not increase production. A graph can be used to represent this by listing the number of vehicles produced on one axis and the number of employees on another axis.
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The law of diminishing returns is an economic concept that basically says, the more help you get, the less each additional unit of help you get helps! Think of it this way: let's
Diminishing returns is an evaluation of the end result of a repeated activity. One of the factors being observed must be fixed and the other variable. The fixed factor is usually
It represents the "tipping" point at which the effort you put into something no longer produces the expected outcome. When you first walk into the office, you are fresh,
the law of diminishing returns states that as a set of variable factors is added to a set of fixed factor, the marginal product and average product will first increase then eventually
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The law of diminishing marginal returns is also called diminishing returns or diminishing marginal returns. It is used in economics. It is the decrease in the ...
The Principle of Diminishing Marginal Returns states that increasing one production product while keeping the others constant will ultimately lead to diminished ...
The law of diminishing returns is that after a certain level of performance, any continuation therein results in a decrease in productivity. It is usually used ...
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