Graphing Logarithmic Functions?


Graphing a Logarithmic Function on a Calculator requires entering of the function properly and finding a suitable window. To Graph a Logarithmic function on a calculator, Open the graph on the calculator and enter the equation, press the window key to set the height and width. Enter for the Y value its large negative and positive numbers. Do same for X values. Press the graph key to calculate and draw the curve. For more information you can follow this link
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1. Open the graphing calculator's function graphing menu. On most devices, you do this by hitting the "Y= button. 2. Enter the equation using the buttons for numbers, brackets,
The graph of y = log(x) is defined only for x>0. The graph is a monotonic increasing function over its domain. It starts from an asymptotic "minus infinity" when x approaches
the one is separated from the log. so it's log base 2 x +1=y . so to find any points, plug in x values, in which you then get your y values. but make sure you add the "one"
The best "locator point" for a logarithmic function is the
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