Graphite Transfer Paper?


Graphite transfer paper, sometimes referred to as carbon paper, is used to make a transfer from one sheet of paper to another. This paper is commonly used for business purposes, but can be used for transferring artwork as well. This transfer paper is also useful for those who do woodworking. Patterns can traced and are transferred directly to the piece of wood, which allows for easy carving. Graphite transfer paper is available at most arts and crafts stores.
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1. Use a facial tissue to lightly wipe the graphite side of the transfer paper. This will remove any excess dust or coating, and will help to prevent smudging during use. 2. Place
You’re an artist. You crave for perfection in all your art pieces. When you want to do wood art pieces (such as doing Pyrography), you would need to transfer images from paper
You may want to check with a tattoo shop.but this is what I saw when I got my tattoo's done. What they do is use a Photocopier and it comes out on the graphite paper through the copier
You can print on this paper with your printer, then iron it on your shirt. Just be sure your printer knows its an iron-on, because it will print backwards so when it's ironed on it
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How to Use Graphite Transfer Paper
Graphite transfer paper could very well be the best friend of many artists and craftspeople, making their projects much easier to complete. Quick, inexpensive and easy to work with, transfer paper can be used to trace erasable lines onto virtually any... More »
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