Gray Mucus?


Mucus that is coughed up from the chest is called sputum or phlegm. There are a number of different reasons for coughing this up and the color of it may help narrow down those reasons. For instance, you may cough up clear mucus when you have a chest cold or bronchitis or even asthma. You may couch up a thick, white mucus during a bout of reflux or after drinking milk. Grey mucus is not that significant. Grey mucus is most likely caused by air pollution or smoking.
Q&A Related to "Gray Mucus?"
Grey mucus has no significance. If you have an infection, such as bronchitis, you'll
Normal mucus is clear. Green or gray mucus means there is an infection going on in your sinuses or your nose and that your body is fighting them. The colored mucus is the by product
Hello, Brown or gray discharge is an indication of minute bits of blood in the discharge. Having a brownish discharge a few days before the period means that the progesterone level
Sounds like sinusitis. Sounds "normal" for a sinus drainage.
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