Grease Burn Treatment?


Hot oil or grease can cause damaging burns to the skill especially if it is highly concentrated in one area. The treatment of a minor grease burn can be done at home, but if the burn is too bad, a person should consider visiting the doctor. Treating a minor grease burn is done by first cooling the burn down with a cold washcloth. The burn should not be rubbed. The burn should then be wrapped to keep it sterile and the blister protecting the area should not be popped.
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An average of 6,000 people are hospitalized for burns every year in the United States, and more than 60,000 visit hospital emergency rooms for a burn related injury annually. Males
Clean, running, cold water on the area of the burn for at least 10-15 minutes depending on the severity. Then wrap in cool wet cloths or keep in a cool water bath/bowl for the next
Cold water to cool it down,stops the cooking process.Then first aid ointment and cover loosely.
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