What is a mix of a Great Dane and a black Lab called?


Great Dane and black lab mix puppies are a great pet for many families. They have a reduced risk of health problems associated with purebred animals while still being friendly and family oriented. By mixing two breeds together, aspects from each breed are mixed together. While purebred dogs are very popular, mixed breeds will often result in a better overall dog. Great Danes by themselves have very short life spans due to their large sizes and genetics.
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Danes do get energetic spurts even though they are just as happy to laze around a house. Labs love to run. I'd say that the dog she is going to get would be a great jogging partner,
The great dane/ lab mix will not be as big as a great dane, the
well, it will be a larger sized dog because of the dane, it also depends on the colors of both of the breeds. It may like to swim because of the blood lines of the chesapeake bay.
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