Great Googly Moogly Origin?


The origin of great googly moogly is Frank Zappa's song 'Nanook Rubs It'. The song was released in 1974. The term is now used as an utterance of great surprise.
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The character Beast says that in the children's show "Maggie and the Ferocious
"Great Googely Moogely" was first uttered by the lead singer of the Cadets in the classic hit "Stranded In The Jungle" back in the 50's, what he's saying is closer
Jerry said this
I love garfield. Just can't picture him eating apples. especially since he uses scrambled eggs to warm his butt. but the worms r funny. must be a joke, you just had to see.
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Maggie and the Ferocious Beast is the movie that has the Great Googly Moogly in it. It was also said in the 2001 movie Evolution. David Duchovany is the main stair ...
Googly moogly is a term used to express great excitement. The term originated in the 1950s in rhythm and blues songs. Screamin' Jay Hawkins used the term throughout ...
I am not finding a song by Wierd Al Yankovic titled "The Great Googly Moogly." I did find over 275 song titles. Are you certain of the title? Perhaps ...
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