Great White Shark Behavioral Adaptations?


The Great White shark is a predator among all sea creatures. One behavioral adaptation of a Great White shark is it's acute and sensitive sense of smell. It is able to detect the smallest amount of blood up to 5 km away.
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its amazing eyesight and ability to smell from very long distances.
The Great White Shark is also known as the White Death. That should start to give a an idea as to what they are! The are the world's largest predatory fish. The largest the we are
1. The first thing one notices about a great white shark is the incredible size. This shark is famous for being the shark that scared an entire decade in the movie "Jaws"
The great white shark needs poo so they are healthy.
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Through millions of years of life on Earth, Great White Sharks have had to go through many adaptations. These include changes to their prey, habitat, enemies, ...
Scientists aren't sure yet whether great white sharks can communicate with each other. Combative behaviors and body postures seem to be used to establish territoriality ...
The great white shark is a large fish and a ferocious predator that roams in the ocean in constant search for food. The preys of the great white shark are man, ...
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