What are the effects of Greek architecture today?


Many effects of classical Greek architecture can be seen in structures today. In Washington, DC, many of the monuments and government buildings are built in the neoclassical style with classic Greek elements. Round columns and elaborate embellishments are both characteristic of Greek architecture.
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The golden ratio, a mathematical constant of 1:1.618, was first applied by the Greeks in the design of the ancient structures within the Acropolis, specifically the Parthenon. The
the court houses are taken from old Greek structures.
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I would argue that there is none. There are a number of emerging areas such as parametrics and phylogenetic architecture, but nothing is so widespread as to constitute a 'paradigm
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What Are the Effects of Greek Architecture Today?
Ancient Greek architecture incorporated many design elements that remain in modern architectural design. The golden ratio and cylindrical columns continue to contribute to the aesthetically pleasing designs featured in modern homes and public buildings.... More »
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