Green Dot on Quarterback's Helmet?


Helmets used by quarterbacks int he NFL have a green dot on them. This is to indicate that the helmet has a radio in it. This is used for the coach on the sideline to call in plays.
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This sticker shows which player has the radio receiver in their helmet that can receive the plays from the sidelines. Only one receiver is allowed on the field.
It means the NFL is having a sale on QBs... Green Dot=50 % off... Its time to stop asking a question that is asked 100 times a day,
The green dot designates which helmets on the field
That is all. the helmet has a transceiver built in so the Quarterback can talk to coaching staff who wear those earphone w/ microphones on their heads. The dot is so the Quarterback
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An NFL quarterback's helmet has a green dot on the back. The dot means the helmet has a speaker that transmits calls from the sports booth or from the sidelines. ...
The green dot on the back of an NFL's player's helmet denotes that player has a transmitter for communication with their sidelines. Only one player per team can ...
A green sticker on a quarterback's helmet can stand for a variety of things. It is typically just to allow the coaches to see who is who, and only one player with ...
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