How to Activate My Green Dot Online?


A Green Dot card is a prepaid debit Visa or Mastercard. You can register a new card on their official website which uses encryption. You're able to reload them at participating retailers.
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1. Access in your computer's Web browser. Click “Register a New Card” in the top menu. 2. Enter your Green Dot card's 16 digit card number in the appropriate
1. Log into or create an online Green Dot Card account. Visit to to your online Green Dot Card account. On the left under "account log-in, type in your
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Green Dot Corporation is an issuer of prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards in the United States. These products are available at nearly 50,000 retail stores… More>>
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You can check the balance on a Green Dot card by using the Green Dot website. You may also call customer service to request the balance. Green Dot does not charge ...
You can activate your Green Dot Visa card by going to their website. You will need the card number, expiration, and security code. ...
Green Dot Com prepaid cards are very convenient and can be used anywhere a Master or Visa card is accepted. Free cash withdrawals can be made from thousands of ...
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