Are blue eyes recessive and brown eyes dominant?


Scientists have discovered that green eyes are dominant to blue eyes and recessive to brown. That means that parents who have blue eyes, will be more likely to have children with green eyes. However, the genes are recessive and brown eyes are more dominant. That is the reason why most people have brown eyes and only a few have blue colored eyes.
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Brown eyes are a dominant trait, while
Dominant: Brown. Recessive: Blue, Green and Gray. The most dominant eye color in the world is brown and the most recessive eye color in the world is blue due to low pigmentation.
Despite what they tell you in school, there are no specific alleles for BLUE EYES, GREEN EYES, or BROWN EYES. The inheritance of eye color in humans is not well-understood, but it
Brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes & brown hair is dominant over blonde which couples with blue eyes.Most pigment cells can produce brown more easily
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