Greenville County Property Tax?


Greenville County is located in South Carolina, and is located in the northwestern part of the state. Greenville County is also the most populated county in the state. If you own a home in Greenville County, you will be required to pay property tax each year. The property tax is due by January 15 each year. If you are late paying it, you will have to pay penalties. As of the 2010 census, there are 451,225 people living in Greenville County.
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1. Visit your state's tax and finance website. If you're lucky, your state has a section on its site that allows you to find information property tax information for each county.
The bottom 10 counties in median real estate taxes paid over 2006-2008 are (all from Louisiana), from highest to lowest amount, De Soto Parish ($129); Evangeline Parish ($127); Jefferson
The property tax rate in Milwaukee County is an average of $21.19/$1,000 for the 2008 year. It went up from $21.00 for 2007. You can find this information at this link:
Greenville County Tax Assessor 301
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