How much are Greyhound bus fares?


Greyhound bus fares vary based on the location and the distance traveled. Those traveling a short distance or purchasing their tickets in advance typically pay less than those traveling further on short notice. Students and seniors are able to reduce the rate they pay with Greyhound by taking advantage of discounts.

Travelers have a few options when getting a rate quote. They can call Greyhound and get a quote over the phone, get a quote online or go to their local bus station to get a quote. Online quotes are easier because customers do not have to wait in line or hold on the phone.

After purchasing tickets online customers must arrive at the station early. The earlier people come to the bus station, the more efficient the entire process is for everyone; customers arriving late delay the bus moving and delay the trip, or they may miss it altogether.

When customers load the bus, they must choose their seat wisely, especially for long trips. This will be your seat the entire time, unless there are layovers; therefore, being comfortable is essential. Window seats are desirable, since there is so much to look at during the trip. Aisle seats provide customers with better access to the bathroom. The choice of what seat to use depends on the customer’s needs.

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Greyhound fares depend on where you are going and when. Send us that info. and we'd
Children from ages 2 to 12 receive a 25% discount off the full adult fare. However, you should note that advance purchase discounts (booked by 3 days before and 7 days before travel
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Instructions. Purchase your tickets 7 to 14 days in advance to save up to 52 percent of the original ticket price. Buy tickets online (see the link in Resources). E-tickets are only
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